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About Arisa



As a child I always was fascinated by the body, I loved gymnastics and my teachers used to comment that I would do cartwheels everywhere I went, standing on my hands and round off back hands springs were much more fun! And this was a way for me to connect to the earth and the beginning of my somatic endeavors.

I grew up in Boulder, Co, went to school up to the University in Boulder, and then decided I wanted to travel far and wide to experience other cultures, customs, and ways of being. I spent many years living in other countries mainly South and Central America, exploring and learning. I spent a decade of travels, learning, searching, delving, and questing on an intense journey.

I came back to the States and knew it was very important to embody what I had been learning, so I came back to Colorado, and studied at Crestone Healing Arts Center, learning integrative massage while living in a dojo. Three years later, I studied the Rolf Method at the Guild for Structural Integration, in Boulder and Kauai, to take the somatic learning to the next level.

Dance has been one of my main teachers and loves in life, 5 Rhythms in particular, and has become a continuous practice in embodiment, the edge, rhythms, and cycles. As Martha Graham put it, “ Dance is the hidden language of the soul of the body.”

Integration of the whole person seems to be of vital importance, a gestalt, interrelating the body-mind-spirit in constant motion, seems to be a held vision throughout the world. Can we be the bringers of Hope on the planet ~Aloha~