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Integrative Massage with Arisa

Our brain our own heart is our temple, a unique and beautiful container that holds our spirit.  It is essential to treat it with dignity and respect as we walk through life.


We live in a day and age where it is a necessity rather than a luxury to take care of our body~mind. 

In an integrative holistic massage many levels are being accessed and worked with while relieving tension, and stress in the muscles, and even postural patterns.

Through using different techniques such as long strokes, or deep pressure on one specific point, using the sound frequencies of tuning forks on pressure points, reflexology of the feet and hands, or aromas to further enhance the senses, affects all aspects of the being, physical, emotional, even mental and spiritual.

In addition using the breath to heal from the inside out, deep patterns are explored and discovered, accessing the energy and how it wants to move accordingly.